Right to Read: Write your MPP

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) held their Right to Read Inquiry in 2020. They are planning to release their findings in 2022.  We want every Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) to know that this is VERY important to pay attention to. How to write your MPP in 3 easy steps Download this easy-to-use template toContinue reading “Right to Read: Write your MPP”

The Science of Reading: 4 Myths and Top 3 resources

By Lark Barker, special education teacher, structured literacy specialist and DDOn President The purpose of the Right to Read inquiry is NOT to investigate and determine what are ‘best practices’ to teach reading. That has already been ascertained by science and data. One purpose of the OHRC inquiry is to determine whether Ontario School boardsContinue reading “The Science of Reading: 4 Myths and Top 3 resources”

DDON submission to OHRC Right to Read inquiry

Decoding Dyslexia Ontario made its submission to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read Inquiry on April 14, 2020. Read the full submission Download the attached PDF to read our full submission. Summary Decoding Dyslexia Ontario (DDON) welcomed the OHRC’s October 2019 launch of the Right to Read Inquiry. Since 2014, DDON has beenContinue reading “DDON submission to OHRC Right to Read inquiry”

Statement: Ontario parents applaud US special education ruling

We, parents of dyslexic children, are delighted with the March 22, page A10, story in the Toronto Star, regarding the US Supreme Court’s ruling for a Denver CO boy whose public education was ‘essentially stalled’ whereby his parents pulled him from public school and enrolled him in a specialty private school where he would getContinue reading “Statement: Ontario parents applaud US special education ruling”