Right to Read: Write your MPP

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) held their Right to Read Inquiry in 2020. They are planning to release their findings in 2022.  We want every Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) to know that this is VERY important to pay attention to. How to write your MPP in 3 easy steps Download this easy-to-use template toContinue reading “Right to Read: Write your MPP”

Black history month: Celebrating black history and people with disabilities

“When I was a teenager in special education wrestling with what it meant to have a disability, I didn’t have many examples of role models that looked like me.” Lederick Horne February is Black History Month. We’re pleased to share a video series that celebrates black history and people with disabilities. The videos feature AfricanContinue reading “Black history month: Celebrating black history and people with disabilities”

Canada-focused research on education

Through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada* (CMEC), since at least 2009, Canada’s Provincial Ministers of Education have been aware that the lack of identification and interventions for dyslexia is a contributing factor to the problems encountered by students in Canada achieving success in literacy. CMEC is a good source of Canada-focused research andContinue reading “Canada-focused research on education”