Right To Read Inquiry Update

In its latest update, the Ontario Human Rights Commission states that the Right To Read Inquiry report is planned for release in Spring 2021. Decoding Dyslexia Ontario welcomes the report, and thanks the commission for their continued work during these very challenging times.

“The inquiry team is currently analyzing the information received and drafting a final report. The report will address concerns with how Ontario’s public education system meets the needs of students with reading disabilities. These concerns relate to curriculum and teaching, early screening, reading interventions, accommodations and psycho-educational assessments.

COVID-19 and other factors have delayed some elements of the inquiry. A final inquiry report, which will include detailed findings and recommendations for government and education stakeholders, is now planned for release in Spring 2021.”

By the numbers: 1,425 students & parents completed the online survey; 1,770 educators & professionals completed their survey; the Commission received over 1,000 calls or emails; 20 organizations representing a variety of perspectives made written submissions (including DDON); and, more than 600 people attended the in-person hearings.

Read the OHRC’s Right To Read Inquiry Update (October 2020).

Published by decodingdyslexiaon

Decoding Dyslexia Ontario (DDON) is a voluntary, parent-led movement driven by families who are concerned with the limited access to interventions for children with dyslexia in Ontario public schools.

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